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We provide inexpensive, outdoor air quality sensors. Gathered in dense network they deliver real-time, reliable air quality data, right down to street level. We believe that knowledge is the key to improvement and a good start for making an impactful changes.

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Let's explore air quality around you

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Bad air quality

Smart City = Healthy City

Smart Cities use technology to improve the quality of life. Right now many urban centres struggle for the clean air, technology should help them to get to know their opponent. By using data from Airly sensors we provide advanced, air quality analytics and predictive models based on AI in Platform as a Service model. Those information can highlight areas in need of improvement to guarantee citizens safe environment.

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Why people love Airly

Which part of the city should I choose to exercise outdoor? Where should I take children for a walk? And finally: what should be done to improve air quality? This, and many others questions, can be easily answered with Airly sensors.

Reliability of data

Real-time information

Historical data

Intuitive format


Forecast of air quality

Good air quality

What we do


Airly wants you to breathe clean air. Using our platform you can check air quality in your exact neighbourhood or get a forecast for next few days.

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Airly created outdoor sensors that detect more than you sense. Network of many sensors provides real-time air quality data.

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Airly collect and process ready to use data for making a world more breathable place. Get access to our API.

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