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Our mission

How’s the air in your neighborhood? Can you safely go for a run or play with kids outside? Right now many urban centres struggle for the clean air. Urban environment that we live in impacts on everyday life. Even if some threats are not visible, we can't pretend they don't exist. This is where technology comes in.

By creating Airly we make those threats visible so we make sure it's easier to control them. Our sensor networks are meant to open eyes and raise awareness that helps to explore environment in a new way. By using data collected with Airly sensors we provide advanced, air quality analytics and predictive models based on AI in Platform as a Service. We deliver real-time, reliable and precise information about air quality. Those information can highlight areas in need of improvement to guarantee citizens safe environment. This goal cannot be achieved by relying on a few, expensive official air quality stations.

Together with our Partners we aim to make a global change!

Our team

Airly has been established by engineers sharing the same vision and passion for new technologies, then the team of physicists and mechatronic technician has been complemented by software developers and marketing specialists. We strongly believe that global changes are possible and that activity of a single person truly matters.

Wiktor Warchałowski

CEO & co-founder

Wiktor Warchałowski – CEO & co-founder. Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, engineer with passion for business and enterprise. Member of Mensa International, data scientist, perfectionist and optimist.

Michał Kiełtyka

CTO & co-founder

Michał Kiełtyka – CTO & co-founder. An electronics engineer from the AGH University of Science and Technology. Tech geek. He develops key functionalities of our product, making it user-friendly.

Aleksander Konior

Co-founder & software developer

Aleksander Konior – co-founder & software developer. Graduate of Technical Physics at AGH University of Science and Technology, engineer, developer, responsible for developing data services based on artificial intelligence. Valued for his analytical approach.

Michał Misiek

Co-founder & researcher

Michał Misiek – co-founder & researcher. Graduate of Environmental Physics at AGH University of Science and Technology. In our company responsible for R&D. Specialist in air quality measurements. Creative mind with the passion for new technologies, space, drones and biotechnology.

Wojciech Burkot

Investor and advisor

Wojciech Burkot – Investor and advisor. Currently investor and advisor in the most innovative start-ups worldwide: Airly, Azimo, Brainly, EgzoTech, JIVR and Silvair. Formerly CTO of Allegro, ex Google Engineering Director and Site Lead. Physicist by education, worked at CERN, Geneva and Desy, Hamburg, lectured at Inst. of Nucl. Phys., MIT and AGH, Krakow.

Ivan Vaskevych

Software developer

Ivan Vaskevych - Software developer. Ivan is an IT professional with 14 years of experience. He tasted different aspects of the industry, including project management, system administration, software engineering and start-up scene. M.Sc. in Computer Science, he learned how to scale things working for Allegro (Poland’s eBay and Amazon).

Agnieszka Molęda

Marketing consultant

Agnieszka Molęda - Marketing consultant. Graduate of Sociology of Advertising and Social Communication. She’s creative mind with passion for new technologies. She has been working with different IT companies for 6 years building brands, marketing strategies, social media communication, online campaigns. Huge fun of travelling, Italy in particular.

Oleksandr Zakharchuk

Machine learning specialist

Oleksandr Zakharchuk - Machine learning specialist. After some years in product development and management consulting, Sashko joined Google to work on personalized recommendation systems and text processing algorithms. He develops our prediction models based on advanced algorithms and AI.

Paweł Pachowicz

Sales & customer relationship manager

Paweł Pachowicz - Sales & customer relationship manager. Paweł started his professional career in the United States, where he mostly kept his focus on sales, establishing/maintaining customer relationships and Day-To-Day operations in various businesses. While focused on creating high-performance sales culture within our organization, he put great emphasis on building relationships rather than making short-term sales.

Aleksander Gawron

Sales & customer relationship specialist

Aleksander Gawron - Sales & customer relationship specialist. Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, an engineer on a mission to improve health quality by using groundbreaking systems and processes. Combines technical knowledge with sales skills. Huge fun of biochemistry and healthy lifestyle.

Press kit

Airly provides its own, low-cost, air quality sensors, offered in hardware subscription model. It’s dense network provides real-time, reliable information about air condition in selected area (up to few hundreds meters radius). Stored data analysis should build awareness and give us clues leading to future air quality improvements.

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