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Airly, Kraków, Poland
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– Designing a mobile device for air quality measurement based on microprotocol data transmission with a team of Engineers

– Designing prototypes of devices and collecting requirements and comments

– Designing dedicated electronic and measuring systems

– Measurement of the operation of devices in measuring chambers and in environmental conditions

– Managing a team consisting of programmers, tester, mechanical designer, simulation engineer in cooperation with an air quality expert




– Experience in designing analog electronics: filters, amplifiers, power supply systems, low-power circuits

– Experience in simulating analog electronics using LTspice, TINA

– Ability to design systems based on microcontrollers (e.g. from STM32, Microchip, TI, NordicSemiconductors) and measurement sensors

– Very good knowledge of Altium Designer and creating technical and production documentation

– Experience in designing radio systems for frequencies up to 2.4GHz (including BLE, WiFi, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, GPS) and carrying out measurements of radio paths

– Ability to use laboratory devices such as: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, measurement cards, signal generator, fixtures and the ability to control them via the LXI interface

– Experience in soldering electronic circuits and assembly

– Experience in designing devices from prototype to mass production

– Python programming skills, experience in C / C ++ programming is welcome

– Ability to carry out electrical measurements and their analysis

– Ability to design measurement systems that automate device tests

– Experience in managing a team of engineers up to 10 people implementing a hardware project that has been successfully delivered to the market

– Very good communication and interpersonal skills

– Experience in working in Agile methodology (e.g. Scrum)

– Fluency in English


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Air Quality Expert

Development of a mobile device for diagnostic tests (PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, O3) from a team of engineers

QA Engineer – Software Tester

Designing test environments to verify the quality of mobile air quality measurement devices

Product Engineer for Support and Technical Assistance

Design and construction of devices simulating changing environmental conditions: wind, temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation

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