What's in the air you breathe?

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Network of sensors

Airly sensors measure in real time the concentration of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter and the most important weather parameters, giving information about the air quality at the location where they are situated. Supervision of the installation process, calibration with state stations and continuous verification of the results guarantee the reliability of the information presented.

Online measurements

Sensor data is sent every minute to our servers, where, after its verification and calibration, among others they are made available on our platform, in applications, on LED boards and through reports.

Transmission of data
Continuous monitoring of measurements
Calibration of data
Sharing of results

Air quality map

map.airly.eu is one of the 100 most popular websites in Poland in winter, visited by everyone interested in air quality, containing data from both Airly sensors and state stations. You will find not only current and historical data about pollution, but also a smog forecast, Airlypedia containing all the basic information about smog, or the ability to find and save your preferred locations.

Mobile applications

Airly provides mobile apps for Android and iOS, so you can keep track of the air at any time. Airly’s mobile apps allow you to remember your preferred locations where you are most often (such as work, home) and receive air quality notifications or create a widget on your phone’s home screen.

Led displays

Do you want information about air pollution to reach older people as well? So that it is always on hand in the most popular places, e.g. on the market square? The boards can present the live results from one or more locations and are available in many possible sizes and colors so that everyone can find the best solution for their local government.

Widget and iframe

In order to provide the widest possible access to information on air quality, we have created special tools that allow you to show smog information on the local authority’s website, so that every resident has easy access to it. It is possible to generate a list of measurements (widgets) for interesting locations or to place a map of local neighborhood with a pollution layer (iframe).


We prepare special reports for our customers, containing all the data collected from the purchased equipment and detailed analyses made on their basis. Thanks to this, one will be able to see among others where the air is the worst or what time of day is the most polluted.


Because after all, children are the most important and our future is in them! We conduct special, interactive lessons on air quality. Each lesson is accompanied by experiments presenting phenomena that are difficult to describe in theory. This makes it easier for children understand the essence of the problem and to transfer positive practices to their families. In addition, we create special educational materials in the form of comics, posters and information stickers. To change something, we need to understand it!

What does the local government gain from the cooperation with airly?

Reliable information on air quality and location of pollution sources

Information on where corrective action should be directed

Awareness-raising among residents

The possibility of educating residents about air quality

Benefits for residents

Awareness of air quality

Possibility of planning physical activity or walks with the child

Possibility of protection against the negative effects of smog

Increasing neighbourhood responsibility

Do you want to install the airly system on the territory of your local government?


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Via the contact form or via mail address to:contact@airly.eu


We will reply

And we will ask about all your needs and doubts to best fit the offer to your requirements.


We will make an analysis

The geographical and demographic conditions of your local authority, which will allow to create the best variant of the sensor network.

Is your local authority decided to install an Airly system?


We will send to you

Contract template and together we will develop its final content, which after approval will be signed by two parties


We will propose the date of installation

And our installer will set off on the road with the equipment and install it according to our guidelines.


The sensors are already active

And within 48 hours we verify the correctness of the submitted data, after which the results will be available on our platform and in mobile applications.

Your residents already have access to up-to-date information on air quality!

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