Our goal

Right now many urban centres are struggling to clean up their air. The urban environment that we live in impacts on our everyday lives. Even if some threats are invisible, we can't pretend they don't exist. This is where technology comes in. We believe that the first step to improve the situation is to raise awareness of the problem and to provide access to data about local air quality. That’s why we have built a network of sensors, which - thanks to their even distribution - enables us to monitor smog in various parts of the city. Krakow is now equipped with the world’s first urban network of real-time air quality sensors. Our next goal is to build a dense network of sensors across all of Poland - as well as in cities throughout the world.

Airly was established by a group of engineers with a shared vision and passion for new technologies. Its founding team of physicists and mechatronic technicians was then joined by software developers and marketing specialists.

Our team

Wiktor Warchalowski

CEO & co-founder

Wiktor Warchalowski – CEO & co-founder. Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, engineer and data scientist with a passion for business and enterprise. Member of Mensa International. Perfectionist and optimist.

Michał Kiełtyka

CTO & co-founder

Michal Kieltyka – CTO & co-founder. Electronics engineer from AGH University of Science and Technology. Tech geek. Develops Airly’s key functionalities, making it user friendly.

Aleksander Konior

Co-founder & software developer

Aleksander Konior – Co-founder & software developer. Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology with a degree in Technical Physics. Engineer and developer responsible for developing data services based on artificial intelligence. Valued for his analytical approach.

Michał Misiek

Co-founder & researcher

Michał Misiek – Co-founder & researcher. Graduate ofAGH University of Science and Technology with a degree in Environmental Physics. Responsible for R&D at Airly. Specialist in air quality measurements. Creative mind with a passion for new technologies, space, drones, and biotechnology.

Wojciech Burkot

Investor and advisor

Wojciech Burkot – Investor and advisor. Currently investor in and advisor for some of the most innovative start-ups worldwide: Airly, Azimo, Brainly, EgzoTech, JIVR and Silvair. Formerly CTO at Allegro and Engineering Director and Site Lead at Google. Physicist by education, worked at CERN in Geneva and DESY in Hamburg, lectured at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, MIT and AGH UST.

Ivan Vaskevych

Software developer

Ivan Vaskevych – Software developer. IT professional with 14 years of experience. Sampled various aspects of the industry, including project management, system administration, software engineering and the start-up scene. M.Sc. in Computer Science. Learned how to scale things working for Allegro.

Paweł Pachowicz

Sales & customer relationship manager

Paweł Pachowicz - Sales & customer relationship manager. Started his professional career in the US, concentrating mostly on sales, establishing/maintaining customer relationships and day-to-day operations in various businesses. Focused on creating a high-performance sales culture within Airly, yet places great emphasis on building relationships rather than making short-term sales.

Aleksander Gawron

Sales & customer relationship specialist

Aleksander Gawron - Sales & customer relationship specialist. Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, engineer on a mission to improve health quality by using groundbreaking systems and processes. Combines technical knowledge with sales skills. Biochemistry and healthy lifestyle aficionado.

Paulina Bąk

Marketing specialist

Paulina Bąk - Marketing specialist. Graduate of Pedagogical University and a student at the Jagiellonian University. In Airly responsible for the implementation and development of marketing strategy and creating the company's image in social media. Lover of creativity and hiking in the mountains.


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