Our partnerships

Our partnerships

Airly cooperates with cities and municipalities, companies and media that care about the quality of air that we all breathe. Thanks to our experience, their commitment and a common vision to fight air pollution we both can do important things for society and our loved ones.


Air quality measurements and forecast are great content when air quality became a major topic in the news. Airly API delivers access to wide network of data and +80% forecast accuracy.

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  • Interia
  • Wirtualna Polska
  • Gazeta Wyborcza


We cooperate with cities and municipalities that want to take effective steps to tackle the problem of air pollution and inform their inhabitants about the current air quality in their area. The Airly system helps to locate and analyze the direct sources of air pollution helping the local authorities to plan the right anti-pollution policy and inhabitants to plan their outdoor activities smartly.

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  • Radomsko
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Buliding a network of Airly sensors is a perfect way to build your image as a socially responsible company, that cares about the health and well-being of it’s current and future clients. No matter if you are an insurance company, a bank, retail store network or a manufacturing company, investing in Airly sensors and using Airly’s air pollution data should bring a positive value to your business.

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  • Phillips
  • Veolia
  • Skanska