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We are Airly!

In response to the growing problem of air pollution, we have assembled a team of engineers and enthusiasts of Smart City solutions. The purpose of smart cities is to use technology in order to improve the quality of life. A smart city is a healthy city - more accurate data can increase public awareness, and this leads directly to social initiatives such as taking action to improve air quality. We created an intelligent and inexpensive sensor that monitors outdoor air quality by measuring the parameters most important for humans. Knowledge based on data flowing in from thousands of sensors can mean a breakthrough in the fight for clean air.

Data reliability is a priority for us – while developing this solution over several months, we calibrated it with official stations of the provincial Environmental Protection Inspectorate. Our sensors’ readings differ only slightly from those shown by equipment that is over 1000 times more expensive. Our low production cost means we can easily deploy hundreds of sensors throughout a city and provide an advanced database, presenting the data an intuitive and easily accessible way.

The large amount of data allows us to use advanced algorithms for forecasting air quality, finding sources of pollution and assisting citizens in planning their daily activities, e.g. through identifying the least polluted areas for taking a walk with children or for other outdoor activities.

The “Krakow Breathes” campaign

Airly ran a social campaign called “Krakow Breathes” with a contest: Krakow’s inhabitants could win a sensor, have it installed behind their windows and then see real-time metrics on the online platform.

The campaign successfully spread in local and national media, and even gained the support of some Krakow celebrities, e.g. actor Marek Kondrat, singer and composer Zbigniew Wodecki, satirical group Formacja Chatelet, or cook and food critic Robert Makłowicz. As a result of the campaign, close to 100 sensors located throughout the city started gathering air quality data in real time, and sending it to our online platform and the mobile app Airly.

The “Poland Breathes” campaign

After the campaign targeted at Krakow was over, other Polish cities showed significant interest in also having such a network of sensors. Thus, Airly decided to run a national–scale project called “Poland Breathes”. Polish cities are joining and some of them have already invested in and bought their own network of sensors. Airly is also open to collaboration with cities in other countries.

Municipal representantives can contact us directly about the installation of a network of sensors in their area. Buying sensors for individuals is possible only in those areas where an Airly network already exists.

Inhabitants of towns with no Airly network yet can become Airly Ambassadors by convincing their local authorities to have the network installed. When successful, the Ambassador who contributed to that decision the most will receive a free sensor for himself/herself.

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