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Airly Reports

We connect the dots

We provide expert and comprehensive reports for the media, science and local institutions. Due to their significant nature, they are often the beginning of important social and institutional changes in the fight for cleaner air.

Everything about air

Our diverse and accurate data, collected by over 4,000 sensors in 20 countries, gives interested parties a unique opportunity for comprehensive insight into the sources of phenomena that cause air pollution.

We answer questions

Whether it’s a research study, journalistic investigation or an urban strategy for better air, our analysts can help you prepare a dataset that answers your most pressing questions.

Helping to solve problems that matter:

We have created a comprehensive report #BreathePoland with the biggest Polish web portal Onet

We were one of the first to publish a report about the correlation between air pollution and the spread of coronavirus

We help medical universities to study the impact of air pollution on the condition of the human respiratory and cardiovascular systems