Report on the state of air in Poland in 2017-2019

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Building awareness about the state of air quality and gathering knowledge about the nature and causes of its pollution – is the mission of Airly – a Poland-based, international company providing a complete air quality monitoring system.

Together with Onet – a leading internet medium in Poland, we have prepared a comprehensive report on smog in our country. It was based on measurements from our sensors located in 1425 places. The basis for the study were 13 billion (!) samples of air from our sensors accumulated over the last two years (each device measure air in every five minutes).

We have tried to convey the knowledge we have gathered in a simple and comprehensible way so that each of the readers can find relevant and interesting information inside.

What will you learn from the #BreathePoland report?

  • What are the main sources of pollution in Poland?
  • What is the difference between “summer”and “winter” smog?
  • How does smog affect children’s health?
  • How to solve the problem of smog?

The report contains many valuable and unpublished statistics on smog in Poland and statements of scientists and experts in the field of air quality. Such knowledge will allow you not only to learn more about this phenomenon, but also to draw conclusions on how your involvement can contribute to the improvement of the air condition.

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