Airly sensor

What do Airly sensors measure?

What do Airly sensors measure?

The Airly system is fully integrated – from the equipment to the software. Airly sensors enable us to collect, process and interpret data in real time (specifically, the concentrations of particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, temperature, air pressure and humidity). Based on this data, information about air quality is displayed on the online map.


We make sure that sensors are installed in optimal conditions, so as to guarantee measurement reliability. We install and configure all of the devices ourselves after verifying that all conditions are met ( including adequate access to a Wi-Fi connection and power supply). Once the number of sensors in a new network is agreed upon and the contract is signed, we schedule the installation date. The Airly team arrives, installs and configures the sensors, ensuring that the devices is located in a safe spot. The installation does not require any modification of the building.

Why network?

Air quality can only be properly measured with a network of sensors that yields adequate coverage. We recommend a maximum distance of about 1km between neighbouring sensors. If their distribution is less dense, the network readings will not be comprehensive enough to produce meaningful and actionable air quality data. In other words, without a dense network of sensors, it is impossible to locate problem areas or to identify their causes. Thus, an adequate network of sensors is the first step to solve the air pollution problem!