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Our goal is to enhance everyday life and future by highlighting important issues of outdoor environments, as well as giving tools to monitor them. That’s why we want to create the worldwide network of air quality sensors. Real-time data gathered by Airly sensors, merged with advanced algorithms and AI, enables advanced analysis. Results are presented in the user-friendly platform with intuitive heat maps. Now you can check air quality of the exact point of the city.

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Right now our sensors are located in Cracow, one of most polluted cities of Poland. We also collect and analyse data from official air quality stations in other cities. You can initiate a change in your city, region, and country! Become our business partner and expand Airly network with us.


Get Airly sensors in your city, paying only for hardware subscription. We provide Platform as a Service. Our prices might be different in each location. Contact us to get one month subscription pricing for dense network of sensors in your area. See how it works, get a free training and support!

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