Airly - presskit

Our solution

We provide inexpensive outdoor air quality sensors. Through Airly network of sensors we can gather, process, and understand real-time data what allows to map outdoor environment and air pollution. It enables citizens to get information about actual air quality within their neighbourhood. Airly system is fully integrated - from hardware to software. Installation is free followed by monthly subscription.

Why we do this?

Nowadays many urban centres struggle for the clean air. Environment that we live in impacts on everyday life. We strongly believe that global changes are possible and that activity of a single person truly matters. We also believe that awareness is the key to start making impactful changes. We want to share easy to use tools to citizens, companies, cities in order to create networks of sensors that help controlling the quality of air. We also encourage companies that care about air quality to use our API to develop solutions that help to improve an environment.

Who is behind?

Airly has been established by engineers sharing the same vision and passion for new technologies, then the team of physicists and mechatronic technician has been complemented by software developers and marketing specialists.