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We are analyzing air in your neighbourhood - please be patient

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This location doesn’t have our sensors yet We created nationwide campaign #PolskaOddycha - join and help us building a network here!
Unfortunately... The sensor in this location was most likely disconnected from the power or wi-fi network We are currently working to resolve this problem
Unfortunately... at the moment, the State Environmental Monitoring Station doesn't send air quality data The problem is not up to us and we have no leverage to this situation


There is no data from this sensor. Please check other location.
Air quality according to CAQI
Air quality parameters
PM2.5 μg/m3
PM10 μg/m3
Humidity %
Wind Speed m/s
Win Direction


Last 24h

This sensor doesn't have air quality data from last 24 hours. Data will appear as a graph soon!

Air pollution according to CAQI
Particular matter concentration [ug/m3]
  • PM10
  • PM2.5
  • Air temperature [°C]

Unfortunately, too little data to calculate forecast

Unfortunately, currently forecast is avaliable only after click on sensor

Air pollution according to CAQI


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