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What’s in the air you breathe?

Airly builds networks of air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities or counties. The technology enables real-time monitoring of air quality via an online map.

Our mission is to build a dense network of sensors that will increase people’s awareness of what we breathe in everyday. It will also help identify sources of problems and their exact locations.

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How does Airly work?


We created a compact device that can assess outdoor air pollution levels. The sensor measures a number of current air quality parameters in its immediate vicinity.

Online map

The first step towards change is raising awareness of what you cannot see with the naked eye: the air we breathe in everyday. With Airly’s online platform you can easily check the air quality in your neighbourhood.


Airly sensors gather and process millions of ready-to-use measurements. Do you have an idea how to use our data to improve the environment? Let us know and get access to our API!

Why a network of sensors?

The first step in the fight against smog is to identify problem areas and to raise awareness among residents and the authorities. It is very important to create a network of sensors – only then can you check the actual conditions in various areas of the city. The Airly platform allows you to monitor air quality for each location equipped with a sensor. The application presents real-time data, so the information about the air in a specific location is easily accessible and always up to date. Airly - world’s first urban network of sensors

Identification of pollution sources

Increasing public awareness

Air quality forecasts

Real-time data

The nationwide campaign in Poland "#PolskaOddycha" (#PolandBreathes)

After a successful campaign targeted at Krakow, other Polish cities showed significant interest in also having such a network of sensors. Airly is currently running a national–scale project called “Poland Breathes”. Some of these cities have already invested in and purchased a network of sensors.