Airly truly solves the problem of air pollution

We monitor and inform millions of people about the current state of air quality

How do we contribute to the fight against smog?

We educate and raise awareness

Thanks to us, every citizen of Poland can see how the air quality in its immediate vicinity looks like. This allows him to take responsibility for his own, often harmful actions. Changing someone’s habits requires a change in theirs thinking first.

We help to protect your health

Our system keeps you informed about the level of air pollution and when you can safely stay outside. Using the forecast you will plan your day so as not to expose yourself to smog.

We locate sources of pollution

The dense arrangement of our devices allows us to thoroughly examine the problem and find its cause. This makes it possible to take more effective corrective action to eliminate sources of air pollution, from replacement of furnaces at specific locations to better transport planning.

We fight together for the better tomorrow

Our devices monitor air quality in several thousand locations - both in large urban agglomerations and in smaller towns. Thanks to the emergence of local initiatives, the problem of smog, as well as ways of solving it, is being discussed in schools and kindergartens, among others.

Air quality sensor

Airly sensors measure in real time the concentration of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter and the most important weather parameters, giving information about the air quality at the location where they are situated. Supervision of the installation process, calibration with state stations and continuous verification of the results guarantee the reliability of the information presented.

Air quality platform and mobile applications

On, as well as on applications for Android and iOS, you can see what air you are currently breathing in over 2000 locations where our sensors are installed. Here you can also check data from state stations installed in Poland and abroad. From now on, all the most important air quality information can be in one place.

Air quality data and forecast

Our API gives all interested parties free access to air quality data, allowing them to create applications and scientific papers based on the best data on air pollution. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been working on the first in the world smog forecast based on neural networks.


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