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Do you know what you breathe in?

The air is invisible part of our everyday life. It simply keeps us alive. However, what if the air that we breathe in slowly begins affecting the health of ours and the loved ones?

We provide inexpensive outdoor air quality sensors that help people live more consciously. We believe that awareness is the key and a good start for making impactful changes.

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Awareness is the first step

Everything you do now is for your future. Think about that. When we live aware, we can have a real impact on our environment and we can create more productive future. Where to start? By checking conditions around you. Airly sensor networks gather insights about our cities. We apply these insights to provide solutions that improve human lives. Show that you care! Take an action. Ask about sensor to place where you live or work to make sure what you breathe in!

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Why people use Airly?

Which part of the city should I choose to exercise outdoor? Where should I take children for a walk? And finally: what should be done to improve air quality? These, and many others questions can be easily answered with Airly sensors. We turn billions of data points into powerful insights creating a picture of the world around us.

High quality data

Real-time information

Hyper-local view

Long-term perspective

Intuitive tool

Forecast of air quality

Good air quality

How Airly works


Being aware is the key to change and life improving. Use our platform to check air quality in your exact neighbourhood or get a forecast for next few days.

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Airly pioneered the use of sensors that detect more than you can sense. Outdoor sensor network create real-time picture of the air quality in your exact location.

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Airly is technology that helps to break a wall between people and natural world. Thanks to technology and Smart City solutions we can improve our environment. How? Airly collects and processes ready to use data. Get access to our API and make world a better place.

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